Yala Safari

Visit the world-renowned Yala Safari Park (blocks 1 & 5) within a 30-minute drive from our property. Many visitors are unaware there is an entrance from the Katagamuwa side to the park, which is much closer and less frequented by hordes of jeeps. There are several advantages (as opposed to the Palatupana entrance, which is close to Kirinda). Firstly, this area is outstanding for leopard sightings. The much shorter access time and distance is an enormous advantage. The second is one can leave much later saving a lot of time and the hassle of leaving as early as 5 am otherwise. This means there is more time in the park, and more opportunity to spot a leopard or a bear!

We offer comprehensive Safari services with comfortable jeeps, and knowledgeable and trustworthy, well-mannered guides. Your Safari experience is enriched with our well-thought-of facilities that include;

1. Free pick up from the guesthouse
2. Free drop-off at the guesthouse 
3. Morning safari- a packed, breakfast, sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, biscuits, and water
4. Full-day safari packed breakfast and lunch.

Please note that tickets have to be purchased at the park entrance, which costs about LKR 12000 per ticket, this is to be borne by the guest and is not included in our package.

Transport services to other destinations

Beyond Yala and to the fabled ancient cities, beaches, and rolling tea hills, we offer transport/ tour packages to any destination of your choice. Be it the most popular pickups and drop-offs are to Ella, Arugam Bay, Nuwara Eliya, or the airport drop or the Colombo city tours, Chauffeur-driven comfortable cars and vans can be arranged, on request, to your tailored needs through reliable service providers.

Other popular tour options

For that sun-soaked surfing experience, we recommend Arugam Bay:
The lovely Arugam Bay on the east coast, is a moon-shaped curl of soft sand and many regard it as the best surf spot in the country. Ride the high waves or relax on the sandy beach, this is a must-visit for all you surfers and beach lovers.

Some of the other attractions to visit

•    B 35 road - from Sellakatargama to Bibile. Drive along this road is sure to encounter at least 3 huge elephants standing on the road, sometimes teasing the passersby or just enjoying the fruits they get from passing vehicles.  

•    Ella – a small town tucked away in the hills is a great tourist destination. The town is most famous for its iconic nine arches railway bridge which is a fine example of colonial-era construction in Sri Lanka

•    Ravana Ella Falls is a popular sightseeing attraction in Uva province of Sri Lanka. It currently ranks as one of the widest falls in the country.

•    Secret waterfalls –Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka’s Ella, is a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable adventure. With three main levels, abseiling opportunities, and enchanting natural beauty, this destination is a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique experience in Ella.

•    Elle Wala Waterfall -Tucked away in the Monaragala District, this charming waterfall, known as Elle Wala Ella, can be reached from the Ella – Wellawaya Road

•    Magul Maha Viharaya- is an ancient Buddhist temple situated in Lahugala,

•    Biso Kotuwa - this is an ancient pond built in the 12th century. It is believed that the warrior Queen Sugala used this pond. The square-shaped pond is built with granite rocks, on four sides it has beautifully carved dragon faces that let water into the pond. 

•    Laahugala National Park – is a small but important park on the way to Arugam Bay. Large herds of elephants are attracted to this park to feed on grass which is common around the Lahugala tank. 

•    Kalamatiya is a coastal wetland area that has an especially rich bio-diversity and is situated on the picturesque south-eastern coast of Sri Lanka, in the district of Hambantota. 
Let us know your preference and manage your travel itinerary with unmatched comfort, convenience, and value.