Setting–Nature all around,
but first the relaxation!

Here is where you surround yourself with sights and sounds of nature at its best

Spaces–beautifully appointed spaces,
with comfort and convenience

There is something for every mood, every person, every hour of the day

Plantation–men & women
harvesting their efforts

What better pleasure than a full harvest, from the spices to the succulent fruits? It does not get any better than this.

Dining–something delightfully
unique for every palate

From simple village meals to theme dinner spreads, let us get creative!

To do – many things all in one place

Live your interest, follow your passion, chant, read or meditate, go for a walk along the bund of a lake or just unwind.

Away and beyond – the giants of the wild & tales of the past

Come across elephants, herds of deer, leopards, bears and other wild animals and exotic birds or get mesmerized by the tales, of the past- all right in front of your eyes


$40/per day