Community Care & Sustainability

At Mailagama Cinnamon Residence we are dedicated to the well-being of the community around our plantation. We are keen to maintain the serenity, the environment, and the pristine beauty of Mailagama. Cinnamon is an eco-friendly crop that does not cause any harm to the fauna and fauna of the area. This provides a perfect setting for the abundant wild animals and numerous endemic and migrant birds that are found in Sellakataragama.

Our CSR activities are many and mark our commitment to this aspect over many years.

Introducing cinnamon to Kataragama, a long-term, export crop, not destroyed by wild animals and is more profitable
Providing guidance and planting material to villagers to cultivate cinnamon instead of short-term crops
Recruiting nearly 14 employees from Mailagama and ensuring a regular income for their families and economic sustainability
Providing dry ration packs to all our employees and the worst-affected families in the neighborhood during the Corona epidemic lockdown
Supporting children with tuition fees and other support for their education, every month
Helping destitute families to complete their partially built houses
Providing essential drugs to the District hospital and poor patients

It is our intention that our guests too would engage in some of our CSR activities by way of  -

School-related activities – donation of school books, stationery, shoes, sanitary wear, etc.
District hospital – donation of linen, sanitary wear, water, medicine, etc.
Improving housing- help poor families to complete their houses
Help to improve the nutrition of village families – donate dry rations

These simple gestures will make a huge change in someone’s life!