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Our Story

We were once professionals, just like many of you. I was busy with my work in the medical profession as a doctor. Attending to home matters of a growing family, while my husband Dasarath was a Manager of several tea estates in Nuwara Eliya distric Unexpected circumstances brought us to Colombo, giving up a peaceful life on the estates, which we enjoyed and still miss. 

The years passed and travels across the continents, experiences, events, and people brought us memories that could fill chapters. The busy lives have settled down, and the children have gone away to pursue lives of their own.

Having more time on our hands, Dasarath went on to pursue his passion for agriculture by starting cultivating cinnamon in Sellakataragama.

He takes pride in introducing Ceylon Cinnamon to the area, an eco-friendly export crop.

Our cinnamon plantation saw more of us and we ended up building a house to stay during our frequent visits as well as to provide a holiday home to our family. We channeled our best efforts to create something unique. Today that idea has become a much-loved destination for discerning guests who seek total tranquility, peace of mind, privacy and caring hospitality. The search stops here.

We welcome you as our guests, and enjoy hosting you. We invite you to come and experience our warm and caring attention for an unforgettable holiday. 

Indira & Dasarath
This is about you as much as it is about us. The story of MCR is born out of an idea and nurtured with passion, love, and meticulous care. Immerse in it and cherish, give time and create lasting memories.

With its simple beginnings as a beautiful abode amidst a plantation, we’ve done much over the years to make it what it is today. Our belief of creating a perfect blend of nature, and human endeavor is continuing to this day. 

Beyond the continuing years, it’s the dedicated staff who nurture the essence of MCR. It’s their authenticity and commitment that leaves smiles in every guest.

Echo yourself on the flora and fauna, fruit trees and herbs, pleasant shades, refreshing breeze and many more treats to the five senses. Find comfort and conveniences indoors and spend time among good company. Peaceful personal times doesn’t get any better than this.
Our dedicated staff
Our dedicated staff

Our Achievment

This has been a process of immense learning. Understanding what our guests seek and delivering it with a caring touch were goals we set very early in that process.  Offering relaxation, tranquility, and a full sensory experience came through after many years of work. Today we treat our guests as guests to our own Residence. To see them smile, sharing their happiness is our biggest achievement.
Observing rituals – simple beginnings
                                                                            Our dedicated staff with some guests – we owe them a lot

Why choose us?

Choose us for what we create for you.

We are here to serve you if you seek tranquility, sights and sound of nature, relaxing cozy spaces, and caring hosts.

Beyond, there is much more: Personalization of every preference, exploring village life, being still—doing yoga or meditation, painting or following literary pursuits, or quiet bonding time with your loved ones, we create the ideal setting!

Gastronomically Inclined

Gastronomically Inclined

cuisine made from produce from our own gardens, rediscovering village cooking, and learning a tip or two will be a delightful treat. 


there’s much wildlife, birdwatching, ancient heritage in the form of ruins, and tanks to revisit, and be awed!
Soul Seeking Spiritualist

Soul Seeking Spiritualist

what better place than the sacred city of Kataragama, to seek higher aspirations? Let your soul searching take you to new discoveries.
Family Traveler

Family Traveler

what more could you ever want?

And for senior citizen folks like us, there will be a lot to share, recollecting past events. We make them want to stay longer and to keep coming back!


Plan an outing

You could be one of these;
•    Individual traveler
•    Member of a travel group (organized tour/ pilgrimage)
•    Family traveler
•    Senior citizen/ groups
•    Annual Pageant visitor
•    Spiritual Seeker or Teacher
     (yoga, meditation, healing, counseling)
•    Corporate R&R nominee
•    History, myth and legends enthusiast
•    Wildlife adventurer
•    Naturalist, painter, or writer
Talk to us about your exact requirements. We cater to your all needs.

Frequently asked questions

How far is Yala National Wildlife Park from the property?
About 30 minutes
How far is Kiri Vehera & Devale from the property?
About 10 –15 minutes